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Strategic Plan
Valley Lutheran High SchoolValley Lutheran High School believes it is critical to.....

To have a Christ centered community that cultivates, mentors and trains Christian disciples.
We will equip and encourage teachers to intentionally use discipleship strategies in their interactions with students. We will also grow and refine our Life Leader program as a peer discipleship strategy.

To become an organization with a clear and working marketing plan to share our story with the community.
We will annually create a detailed marketing and public relations plan, and will define and quantify the productive use of the funds budgeted for this purpose.

To have a school that continually maintains a strong curriculum and academic excellence.
We will continually work to meet and exceed the accreditation standards as set forth by both Advanced Ed and the National Lutheran Schools Association. Our administration and faculty, on an ongoing basis, will seek opportunities to improve the educational experience of our students.

To be a school that continually evaluates its classrooms and facilities.

We believe it is important to develop and implement a thorough maintenance program for our existing facilities. We commit to taking the step s necessary to generate additional enthusiasm for long term expansion plans.

To become a school that inspires association churches and schools to support Valley Lutheran High School on an increasing and continuous basis.
We will seek to understand how VLHS can better serve our association congregations. With that knowledge, we will develop a systematic and organized outreach program.

To be a school that impacts the culture and community through Christian outreach and community service. We believe in the impact of Christian service in our community, and will commit time throughout the year for the entire school to perform community service work. We will also communicate the importance of serving the community in the school’s promotional materials.