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"Valley Lutheran High School creates an environment of accountability that holds my son to a high standard of performance while being loving and supportive. Students are expected to succeed and thus do. The entire community is as invested in our child’s success as we are, it is amazing. I consider Valley to be a transformational experience for each and every student."

"The blessing of VLHS for my son and our family cannot be measured. I was very worried during elementary school, about where my son would learn best, be taught well, make friends, AND grow in his faith. All of these things have happened for him and in ways I cannot count. The maturity that he has reached and the fabric of friendships he has gained have been a blessing beyond what I hoped for. I thank God so much that he chose Valley, and I look forward to his continued success in life and schooling with the foundation that VLHS has given him and will in this next year.

"I highly recommend it to anyone!"

"Valley Lutheran High School was our family’s home for 11 years. Our four children were blessed to be a part of this school that embodies the best of Christian education. They were nurtured and taught by teachers who loved them sincerely and loved their Savior even more. They grew into the adults that God intended them to be, each confidently pursuing their future careers with the passion God had granted them to serve their fellow man, as high school teachers and medical professionals. At Valley, they had the opportunity to shine, to lead, to grow in faith and intellect alike. Their teachers challenged them, nurtured them, and encouraged them. They each live their faith in Jesus every day; that is the most any parent can want or hope for their child. It is the foundation that they need for life, and it is the very heart of Valley Lutheran High School’s mission and ministry."

"We took our daughter out of public school and sent her to Valley Lutheran High School. Within weeks we saw a transformation and a calmness in her that we had not seen in a very long time. We are so grateful to the school and all the staff. It’s very apparent they care and that God resides there."