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Course Catalog

The Theology department at Valley Lutheran High School seeks to put God and His Word at the center of its curriculum. Ethics, current issues, and apologetics will be addressed under the umbrella of grace and in the context of Scripture. We rely solely on the providence of God the Father, the redemption of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the revelation and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Foundations of Religion 101 x x x x
Freshman Theology: Old Testament I 103/104 x      
Sophomore Theology: Old Testament II 113/114   x    
Junior Theology: New Testament I 121/122     x  
Senior Theology: New Testament II 131/132       x
Worship Arts 193/194   x x x
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Foundations of English 201/202 x      
Foundations of English Lab 298-299 x      
English I 203/204 x      
English I Honors 206/207 x      
English II 213/214   x    
Enlgish II Honors 216/217   x    
English III 221/222     x  
AP English Literature and Composition 226/227     x  
English IV 231/232       x
AP English Literature and Composition 238/239       x
Communication 290   x x x
Journalism 271   x x x
Social Studies
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Contemporary Issues 370 x      
World History/Geography 303-304   x    
United States History 313-314     x  
AP United States History 318-319     x  
Government 330       x
AP United States Government and Politics 355       x
Economics 350       x
Psychology 360     x x
History and Film 390   x x x
All honors level classes are for high-achieving math students. They will move at a faster pace, will be challenged with more rigorous problems, and cover extra topics.

Placement into an honors math class requires the recommendation of your previous math teacher, and the following grades in the previous math class:

Honors Class: A or B
Non-Honors math class: A

At the discretion of your teacher, students not meeting the above grade requirement may become eligible for honors on completion of a summer assignment, and satisfactory performance on a test about that assignment. See your math teacher for details.
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Pre-Algebra 403/404 x x x  
Algebra I 413/414 x x x x
Geometry 423/424 x x x x
Honors Geometry 426/427 x x x x
Algebra II 433/434   x x x
Honors Algebra II 436/437   x x x
Honors Pre-Calculus 456/457     x x
Honors Calculas AB (AP) 466/467     x x
Honors Calculus BC (AP) 476/477       x
Explorations in Mathematics 483/484       x
Foreign Language
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Spanish I 503/504 x x x x
Spanish II 513/514   x x x
Spanish III 523/524     x x
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 511/512 x x x x
Physical Education
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Physical Education 550 x      
Advanced Physical Education 555   x x x
Health 560 x      
Weight Lifting 575 or 576 x x x x
Interscholastic Sports 580-589 x x x x
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Computer Technology 611   x x x
Introduction to Coding 650   x x x
Desktop Publishing 633/634 x x x x
Digital Imaging 960   x x x
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Introduction to Engineering 670   x x x
Rocketry 671   x x x
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Exploring Music 791 x x x x
Valley Singers 711/712 x x x x
Concert Choir 733/734   x x x
Concert Band 758/759 x x x x
Beginning Guitar 741 x x x x
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Integreated Science 801/802 x      
Biology 803/804   x x x
Honors Biology 806/807 x      
Environmental Science 843/844   x x x
Chemistry 823/824   x x x
Honors Physics 836/837       x
AP Biology 856/857     x x
AP Chemistry 866/867     x x
Visual Arts
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Introduction to Art 940 x x x x
Drawing I 951   x x x
Drawing II 954   x x x
Painting 952   x x x
3D Design 953   x x x
Studio Art 955       x
Digital Imaging 960   x x x
Miscellaneous Courses
Course Name Course # Fr So Jr Sr
Freshman Seminar 050 x      
Teacher Aid 099     x x
Knowing that education also takes place outside the classroom, the Valley Lutheran High School faculty has designed Interim. Interim is an exciting one-week learning experience offered between the third and fourth quarter of the school year. Each student will register for one course to be taken during the week.

Courses in past years have included:

Outdoors in Arizona
Computers, Computer Games, Computer Crime… Past, Present, Future
Mission Trip to Mexico
Service with a Smile
Trip to Europe
History of Baseball
Adventures in Photography
Hiking the Grand Canyon
Serious Bowling
Phoenix Staycation
Winter in Northern Arizona
Surf and Serve
Stay Green, Stay Cool, Stay Local
Way North Arizona Excursion
Philippines Mission Trip
Hiking Arizona
Ambassadors in Training

Each year new and exciting courses are added and old courses are improved and offered again. Most courses, but not all, will have additional fees required. Students can earn ¼ credit towards graduation for each interim course completed. Interim has become a fun and exciting educational experience for both students and faculty.
Dual Enrollment
Valley Lutheran High School offers the following classes for dual college credit through Concordia University Nebraska:

AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Students enrolled in these classes will receive additional information the first week of class, including any additional requirements and fees to receive dual enrollment credit, and will be able to select at that time if they wish to enroll for dual enrollment credit.

Additionally, Valley Lutheran High School offers online dual credit courses through Concordia University Wisconsin. This program offers a great opportunity, and fantastic value, for the college-bound high school student, and allows high school students, to get a head start on college, and save time and money by combining accelerated high school courses into a collegiate career.

Through flexible online classes taught by Concordia University Online faculty, high school students can complete coursework during the school day, or at home if it’s more convenient. Courses are one semester long and cost $200 per credit ($50 per credit through the Concordia Promise).

The following elective courses are currently offered through this program:
Introduction to Sociology
Principles of Management
Principles of Marketing
Introduction to Business Writing
Financial Accounting
The Old Testament
The New Testament

The following additional elective courses are available if you have completed the listed prerequisite at Valley Lutheran High School:
Introduction to Psychology Prerequisite: Psychology
Introduction to Psychology Prerequisite: Economics
Foundations of Computer Science Prerequisite: 2 semesters of computers
Interpersonal Communications Prerequisite: Communications

For more information and full course descriptions, please see Mrs. Stokes in the school office.