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Shared Photos
Here is your opportunity to SHARE your digital photos with the Valley Lutheran High School Alumni Association! These can be anything Valley-related, we’d love to see them and share them with our alumni community.

Our main goal is to gather interesting photos that can be viewed online. The main focus will be displaying these on our Facebook page and/or at Twitter. Selected photos might also be used to enhance our newsletters and our website.

How to share:
  • Email photos to: alumniphotos@vlhs.org
  • Format: Please send your photos as a .jpg no larger than 1MB. A width of 1600 pixels or less is preferred. Please attach only one or two photos at a time.
  • Important Note: Please do NOT send us watermarked photos- we’ll be unable to use these. The photos you send should be your personal property (or property of a family member or friend who has agreed to have them used).
Emailing us your photos implies your consent to our use of the image(s).

Watch for your photos at our Facebook page!