January 5, 2017

On New Year’s Day I was driving to church and there was an incredible rain storm. Some of you may have experienced the same storm as it swept through the Phoenix area. At a couple points in the drive it was very difficult to see more than about 50 yards in front of the car. As I continued on I reached the end of the storm and the rain ended quickly and soon the sun was coming through some breaks in the clouds. Then in front of me was the biggest, most distinct rainbow I have ever seen in my life. It was incredibly wide and all of the colors were magnificent.

It was the perfect example for me as to why God gave us the rainbow. As we encounter the largest storms it can be difficult to see very far in front of us. We are blinded by what we are going through and the difficulties that come with it. As we reach the edge of the storm we see this incredible display that reminds us God was with us the entire time and has better things in store for us.

As I was reading my Bible the other morning I read the account of Noah and the flood. I have read this story several times but something I had never seen before struck me. In Genesis 8:13-14 it tells us the flood had subsided and Noah had released the dove to check for dry ground. After God instructed him to open up the ark he had to wait two more months before he could exit on dry ground. That is a long time!

God is with us through the storms, even if we can't see very far in front of ourselves. He reveals His blessings to us in remarkable ways, like the sign of the rainbow. God also has the time mapped out that is best for us, sometimes we just need to be patient and wait on Him.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal