February 23, 2017

Last weekend is one I will probably remember for the rest of my life. As a basketball coach of twenty plus years some of the games run together over time. This past Saturday is one that will stick in my mind. In case you missed it, our boys’ team is playing in the AIA state tournament. Somehow we were “fortunate enough” to draw the 9:00 am game for both last Friday and Saturday. This led to staying two nights at Prescott Pines. That was not a bad thing as it feels a little like home away from home for our kids because we go to camp there every year.

We were a little sluggish in our game Saturday morning. I think two nights sleeping in the cabins and two days of eating fast food had something to do with it along with the early game time. As we played, we struggled to stay in the game and fell behind early. We took our first lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. The game went back and forth and was tied with a minute to play. We had a chance to take the lead but missed a shot and then committed a foul going for the rebound. The other team made two free throws and we were trailing by two with about 45 seconds left. We then missed a shot, got the rebound and missed another shot before the other team rebounded the ball. We fouled them to stop the clock with 11 seconds left. The other team made both free throws again and we were losing by four points with 11 seconds remaining.

At this point the game should have been over. There was very little chance to win, in fact the fans from the other school were chanting for us to warm up the bus. We scored quickly and called time out with five seconds left, still losing by two. Somehow we managed to steal the inbounds pass and then one of our players was fouled with 1.6 seconds left. He had to make both free throws to tie the game and send it into overtime. He made them both and we went on to win by one in overtime when another player made a free throw with five seconds left to give us the lead.|

Because of the situation we were in, we shouldn’t have won. I have thought about it many times since the game and we should be done with our season. Then I started to think about Peter; he shouldn’t have been able to walk on water. David should have never defeated Goliath. How could the Israelites escape the Egyptians, and then all of a sudden the Red Sea parts?  On that scale our miracle finish is pretty small. I am not saying God wanted us to win. What I am saying is, when things seem impossible in our lives there is somewhere we should turn. We need to put our trust and faith in the One who can perform miracles in our lives. When we trust in God, overcoming obstacles doesn’t seem so impossible. God is there in our celebrations and in our toughest times. I hope we can all remember to turn to Him when we need Him most.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal