September 28, 2016

Every week I call my mom on Sunday. It is just part of the routine of the day and it is a great chance for me to catch up with her. Most of the time our conversations are pretty similar from one week to the next. But this past Sunday was a little different; it was exactly one year from the day my dad died. I could tell she was a little sad as we talked. She mentioned that at times it feels like it was yesterday and other times it feels like he has been gone for a long time. She said that she still really misses him. My mom tried to put on a brave front and remind me that dad is in a better place, but I could tell it didn’t ease her pain in the conversation.

Separation is a difficult thing. For us that is really why death is so hard; it is separation from a person we love or care about. Death wasn’t originally a part of God’s plan. We were created to live without death. When sin entered the world that all changed. Now we live with the pain of sin every day and the reality that death is all around us.

Thankfully God didn’t leave us this way. He sent his Son to die for us. We get to live eternally in heaven with God and the ones we love who also believe in Him. We have a God who loves us so much He experienced death so we don’t have to. So while we live with a temporary separation from loved ones, we never have a separation from God and we will be joined with our fellow believers in heaven.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal