November 9, 2016

The start of basketball season always brings about a different perspective for me during the school year. So often I get caught up with doing administrative things that I don't have a lot of interaction with students. When basketball starts, that changes for me. Coaching the game is fun, but getting to know the players on the team is what makes it all worthwhile.

Each year I have the opportunity to see the growth in these young men. When you look at someone and how they have grown throughout their four years of high school it can be pretty amazing. Of course there is the physical growth, but what is really telling is the emotional growth and the maturity the students are able to gain through their four years.  You don't notice it as much day to day, but I see the difference from year to year and over the course of four years.

I think the same is true for our walk of faith. Day to day we might not feel like there is much of a difference in our faith. If we take a look back and notice what has happened over four years, it is much more obvious. God continues to help us grow in our faith each and every day. Over time we are able to gain a perspective we may never have thought we would have. I encourage you to take a moment today to look back four years and think about where you were at compared to today. You can do an inventory of how much you have grown without even noticing it. I am anxious to see where God has us four years from now.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal