November 16, 2016

My wife had the opportunity to lead worship at a church in Prescott this past weekend so it gave us a chance to get away for a night. As we walked from the place where we were staying to a local restaurant it was a little cool outside. After eating, the walk home was quite brisk. When we left for the church a little before 7 am on Sunday morning, it was downright cold out. It really made me think a little of being back in Chicago. This time of year when you walk outside in Chicago you know it is just the beginning of what will be another long winter.

I guess there are some people who like the cold. I never really understood those people. When we moved to Phoenix we were very happy to get rid of the snow shovels and snow boots. For a very long time whenever I talked about going to Chicago I talked about going back home. I still occasionally may say that, but I very much feel like Phoenix is my home.

In the same way God has called us to a new home. He calls us into His home. He calls us His children. There are times we get caught in our own feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness and we think this new home isn't really for us. But it is! He knows about all of our faults, took them to the cross with Him, adopted us as His children and calls us home to live with Him. Walk away from the cold and darkness and feel the warmth of the Son who brings us to the Father while filling us with the Holy Spirit.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal