November 30, 2016

My wife and I went to a showing of Our Town at Grand Canyon University  to cap off our Thanksgiving weekend. For some reason my wife felt I needed a little culture in my life to balance out all of the sports I am around. She’s probably right, again. I remember my high school doing a production of Our Town when I was a student there and going to see it. But last weekend I couldn't remember anything about it, so I went in anxious to see what it is was all about.

The actual plot of the play is not spectacular. In fact, the point of the whole play is that we need to see what is going on around us in our everyday life. For me, it was perfect to see this on Thanksgiving weekend. It helped to remind me of the things for which I’m truly thankful.  I am thankful for time with my family, for the people at Valley, and for the chance I have to live every day as part of this ministry. We can be thankful for the people who are around us and the opportunities we have to interact and live in relationship with each of them during our daily routine. But I am most thankful for a God who is with us in the routine and the mundane. Every day, when nothing spectacular is happening, God is there with us. On the days that are good, bad or seem like any other day, God is there with us. I am thankful for seeing Our Town because it reminded me to be thankful for all of the interactions occurring around me each day.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal