March 28, 2018

Holy Week is a special time for Christians. We have the opportunity to look closely at the sacrifices Jesus made for us as He journeyed to the cross to pay the price for our sins. It was a busy last week of teaching and work for Jesus. He was more the person who was cramming for finals than the one who was coasting to the end. Just before Holy Week started, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead; then there was the triumphant entry on Palm¬†Sunday;¬†followed by Jesus clearing out the temple. After these public events we see Jesus taking the time to teach and care for His disciples. All of this before fulfilling God’s plan of offering Himself as the sacrifice for our sins on the cross.

As I look back at the events, I am again struck by how Jesus took His last week on earth and used it to serve others. He didn’t try to go on vacation to rest up for the big day, but served those around Him. One of the most tangible ways we saw Jesus serve was on the night before He died when he got down on His hands and knees and washed the disciples’ feet. He was going to be ridiculed, abandoned, tortured and left to die in the next 18 hours, but Jesus took the time to wash His disciples’ feet. He taught us that nothing was below Him with regard to serving others. We are to take this lesson as we go about our day. There isn’t anything we should consider below us as we serve others. It is a hard lesson to learn and consistently follow, but it is what Jesus calls us to. As we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins, let’s all look for ways we can serve others just as Jesus taught us to do.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal