April 19, 2018

This past weekend I had the chance to travel with my wife. Mia has the unique opportunity to be the worship leader and host of the Aspire Women Events. Aspire is a one night event in which women gather to hear stories, sing, laugh and be fed with the Word of God. Mia has been a part of the Aspire team since its inception four years ago, but this is the first time I had the opportunity to travel with her. And travel we did. Friday night was in Lakeland, Florida. We continued on to Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday. The weekend tour ended with an event in Indianapolis on Sunday. We then caught a 6:00 am (Eastern Time) flight on Monday morning so I could make it to school that day.

When I arrived at school Monday I was physically tired but spiritually filled. The being filled part was due to the chance I had to serve in the background of these events, plus it was a lot of fun. I also was able to work alongside Mia in her ministry and see what she does every weekend. Along the way I met some fantastic people who are in love with the Lord and dedicate their lives to sharing the message of Jesus. All of the churches where the events were held welcomed us in with open arms. We even had the opportunity to see some family in Atlanta and some old friends in Florida.

Now back to Monday. I arrived at Valley just before 8:00 am. On Phoenix time, I had been up since 12:15 am. I had a number of things to catch up on in the office. I was then off to help out at a baseball game before coming back to school for a school board meeting. Later that night I thought about James 4:8 which says, “Come near to God and He will come near to you.” By the time I headed home from the board meeting I had been up for about 21 hours. I should have been drained, but the amazing thing was, I was ready for some sleep but not exhausted. I had spent the weekend drawing near to God and it had filled me up. I know He kept that promise of coming near to me as He provided me with strength, energy and the right attitude to make it through the day. We have an amazing God. Go to Him and He will always be there for you.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal