May 16, 2018

As we prepare for our annual Honors and Awards night this coming Friday it is always a joy to look at all of the students who will be recognized. There are times during the year when it feels like we spend more time looking at the areas our students are struggling in and not a lot of time celebrating their successes. As we prepare for this night we get to take a look at what great things our students have accomplished throughout this school year.

A school year can be tough on a teenager. There is always a lot of excitement to start the year. Everyone comes in with anticipation and is ready to improve on the year before. Then as the school year gets going there is the friend who breaks your trust or the girl who breaks your heart. Or maybe it’s the promise to stay more organized and get every assignment turned in that gets tougher to keep and you start to fall behind in classes. There are the fresh starts at quarters and the anxiety of final exams. Everyone wants to fit in all while trying to figure out who they are as a person. The excitement of interim week turns into the grind of the fourth quarter and then the sprint to the finish.

At Valley we have the privilege of reminding students they are not alone in this process. Through it all God is with them. Even when they think they can’t trust a friend or the teachers are out to get them, students hear daily that God is with us. Hebrews 13:5 says, “… because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’”

So come out on Friday and help us celebrate our students. A school year can be tough on a student and we are proud of what they have accomplished. We also know whether they receive an award or recognition on Friday or not, they haven’t walked this journey alone.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal