August 23, 2017

I never want the highlight of the school year to happen in the first two weeks of school, but sometimes it works that way. Every year that I have been a part of our Orientation Camp, it has been positive and something to build on for the school year. This year was like that, but it seemed so much more. I don’t know if I can say exactly what it was, but there was something different about this year’s camp. It wasn’t one specific event of the week that made it special, rather the general feel of how our students interacted throughout the week.

Many years I return from camp and feel completely drained. This year I was tired, lack of sleep at my age does that to you, but I also felt completely filled up. Between hiking, canoeing, sitting and talking with students and faculty, chapels and campfires it was a time where relationships were built and strengthened. Our theme verse for the school year, 1 Peter 3:15, has a few different key points. The most obvious is we are told to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have in Christ. After camp it is easy. The answer was on the faces of the faculty and students as we worshiped and played together. We have a hope in Christ who gave us community to walk through our lives with.

We all know everything will not be perfect this school year. There will be plenty of ups and downs. But we have a hope in Christ and we have a family to walk through the good and bad with every day.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal