September 20, 2017

It is my 9th year at Valley and I have a lot of memories from these years. Some involve interactions in the classroom, others are from around campus and still others are from athletic competitions. Last Tuesday provided me with a memory that will last a lifetime; we had two of our students baptized. There is no greater thing than seeing two more people welcomed into God’s family through baptism.

I loved how Pastor Jamie described what happens in baptism. It is God’s way of saying this person is my child. He is laying claim to the life of the person that is baptized. He promises to never leave us alone, but he will also never leave us alone. He will push and pull and mold us into the child He wants us to be. We have a perfect father in God and He claims us as His own, shaping us into His image.

There is nothing better than being a part of the family of God.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal