November 1, 2017

Year number twenty-five has started. This year marks my 25th season as a high school basketball coach. Through the years there have been many ups and downs. When I started coaching I never really thought about how long I would do it; it was just something I loved and wanted to be a part of. Now I think about it and realize I have been coaching longer than some of our faculty members have been alive.

There have been many memorable games. I love to relive some of the best moments in my mind as I look back. I can still picture plays, players, and things we did in my first year of coaching. I have learned a lot since then. If you come to a game now you will see an intensity I still possess, but a much more reserved coach than 25 years ago. There has also been heartbreak in coaching.  Some of the heartbreak was from close losses, but more of it was from lost players. Those players I wasn’t able to reach and who went on to struggle or make bad decisions in their lives.

When I started coaching 25 years ago, my job was to coach basketball, and I was good at it. As the years went on and I experienced changes within my own life, I realized my job wasn’t to coach basketball; my calling was to coach young men. The time spent talking with the players about their lives and decision making became more important than the decisions they would make on the fast break. I always wanted to win a state championship. Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to do that, but more importantly I want all of my players to have their hearts won over to Christ. Jesus was the greatest coach as He took His team of 12 and changed the world. I want my team to remember and live out the words of 1 Peter 2:9, “ But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal