August 29, 2017

If you have ever been to a church service at Mt. Calvary you have probably seen Jack. He helps serve by lighting and extinguishing the candles, helping with the offering, and spends part of the time counting how many people are at church. You may also notice him as he stands up at times when Pastor is talking or will occasionally pace around the church.

This summer I had the chance to get to know Jack a little bit better. If you ever talk with him he loves to talk about cars. He is not always the easiest to understand and sometimes you need to ask him to repeat what he said, which he will gladly do. This summer I found out that he was actually born without a heartbeat and it took the doctors over 4 minutes to get his heart restarted. In that time there was a lack of oxygen resulting in some disabilities.

I share this story with you for a couple reasons. The first is I admire Jack. I admire him for his faithfulness. He is always there and ready to serve. He started attending Mt. Calvary when he was about 14 years old and 40 years later he still comes every week by himself on his bike. My respect for him is also rooted in how he cares about others. He likes to ride around on his bike during the summer and give water bottles away to homeless people. Here is a person who may not have the same intellectual or communication abilities as others, yet he has a desire to help those around him who are in need.

I also admire the people of Mt. Calvary who have looked out for Jack over the last 40 years. He is as much a part of the church as anyone else, he just serves in his own way. The people of the church love him and want the best for him in everything. I think this is really a reflection of what Jesus wants the church to be, a place where people are loved, no matter their differences.

Our theme verse for this year ends with the words, “and overflowing with thankfulness.” When I think of Jack and everything he does he reminds me to be thankful and helps me to overflow with thankfulness. Do you have anyone in your life like that? 

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal