November 28, 2018

A strange thing happened to me twice over break. I guess it didn’t really happen to me, more something I did unintentionally. The first time was on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I went out golfing with some other teachers and as I got into the golf cart I took my phone out of my pocket to put it in the golf cart. There is nothing unusual about this; it is the same thing I do every time I golf. What was unusual was I reached down and I still had a phone in my pocket. I pulled it out and realized I had grabbed both my phone and my wife’s phone when I left the house. We have similar phones and the same case, but it was something that had never happened before. To make matters worse it is a phone case that holds her driver’s license and her credit cards. So as I’m getting ready to head out for a relaxing four hours on the golf course I know my wife is without her phone and the ability to go to the store as she prepares for Thanksgiving at our house. Uh-oh. I couldn’t text her to tell her I had it, because obviously I had her phone. After golfing a couple holes I texted my daughter to see if she could swing by the house to let my wife know what I had done. She laughed and said she would.  I knew I better enjoy my time on the golf course because momma wasn’t going to be happy when I got home. The crazier thing is I did it again on Saturday when I ran to the store. I was only gone for 15 minutes and Mia never noticed it was gone, but after never having it happen in my life to take her phone twice in four days was very odd.

Sometimes we know we have messed up. I knew I made the mistake but at the point I realized it there was nothing I could do to change it. I also knew I was going to have to face Mia when I got home, and by the way, she was much more gracious than she could have been. It makes me think about when Jesus met with Peter after His resurrection. He told Peter that he was going to deny Jesus and Peter swore it would never happen. Sure enough Peter denies Jesus and now must face Him. John 21 outlines this interaction. Jesus asks Peter three times if he really loves Him, just as Peter had denied Him three times. What we see is a reconciliation and forgiveness being offered by Jesus to Peter. There are times we know we mess up and we fear facing the consequences. Jesus showed us how He offers forgiveness. When we go to Him with our mistakes He reminds us how much He loves us and forgives us. As we head into a busy holiday season it is good to remember the forgiveness Jesus offers us so freely. Oh, and Mia bought herself a new phone case to try to make sure I don’t make this mistake again.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal