December 6, 2018

Secret Saint has been a tradition at Valley for over 20 years and for many of our students it is their favorite week of the school year. For those unfamiliar with the tradition, it is a school wide gift exchange. Every student, teacher and staff member participates. Each morning everyone brings a gift to school with the name of the person they drew out of a hat on it and places it under the Christmas tree behind the office. Later in the day everyone has the opportunity to gather around the tree and find their gift. Most of the gifts consist of a person’s favorite candy, drink, or some kind of small trinket. Lately “fuzzy socks” are really popular. It is fun to watch the excitement in the students’eyes when they talk about what they received each day.

With all of the gifts the best part is the value the students find in giving. While they get excited about the gifts they open, most are even more excited when you talk with them about what they bought for their secret saint. As we get into the Christmas spirit,our hope is that the students understand the concept of giving and the joy it can bring to others. Christmas is a special time, but only because of the birth of the Christ-child. God was willing to send His Son into the world for our redemption. This is the greatest gift ever given. As we celebrate in our own small way with the Secret Saint tradition, my hope is that all of our students remember this greatest gift.

Mr. Robert Koehne
Executive Principal