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From the Business Office...
LCMS Member Discount
If you are a member of one of our Association churches and would like to receive a discount for LCMS Membership, be sure to have your Pastor sign the Financial Contract before turning it in.  These discount signatures will only be accepted until 9/30/17.

Arizona Tuition Connection will help
  • you to know the different type of scholarships available and the criteria for receiving those scholarships
  • put the pieces together to answer your questions about the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit Program.
  • give you examples, ideas, and resources on how to talk to your social contacts about donating and recommending your family.

A Reminder
Our sixth tuition payment of the school year is due December 5th.  We thank you in advance for keeping your account up to date.  Merry Christmas to all!

If you wish to make an electronic payment, please click here.. 

We thank in advance for your prompt payment.

We are well under way with scholarship awards; if you haven't finished applying get this done SOON! If you still need assistance, please contact Mrs. Misuraca, to make an appointment and get this done. The longer you wait, the less funding assistance you will receive.