Rick Scholz

Philosophy of Ministry:
Reach out to others, both through the word, and as I
Serve others through my gifts of time and talent (computers, writing, mathematics) both outside the classroom and while I
Teach others to not only enjoy mathematics, but also to understand it.  I also will work to
Understand and get to know each one of my students so that I may better minister to them about our
Victory that we have through Christ’s death and resurrection, through which we have
Won eternal life!  I will also make people excited about their faith, so they can
Xerox their faith (share it with others).  While doing all this, I will
Yearn to always grow closer to God, who is the “Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” The A and the Z

Hometown: San Jose, California

Educational Background: Previous Experience: Assistant Director of Instructional Technology, Concordia University Irvine (1997-1998).